Tooth Extraction

Wisdom tooth extraction removal associated with wisdom teeth that are the ultimate set of molars typically appearing within the late teens to early twenties. Since there’s not enough space within the mouth for the teeth, a variety of issues can develop. These teeth usually come in as impacted, and may cause potential injury to the adjacent teeth. Therefore, they require removal. The most effective time to get rid of the wisdom teeth is before any symptoms begin. An evaluation is recommended upon before the teeth explode break the surface of the gums, as later on they will cause further complications.

Wisdom teeth that are absolutely erupted may be extracted very like the other tooth. Impacted teeth need a more complicated procedure to remove. We will take X-rays to determine the placement of your wisdom teeth prior to removal.

Your wisdom teeth extraction are performed with precision and skill honed by years of expertise. Our dental team has been removing impacted wisdom teeth within the comfort. Modern anesthesia methods, including sedation dentistry, make for a comfortable experience.

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